A comparison of the similarities and differences between the mughal and the safavid empire

similarities between ottoman and safavid empires

As he's able to famously defeat the Delhi Sultanate which had already been significantly weakened, one, on its own, but then by Timur over years before, he famously comes to power with the aid of gunpowder, being able to defeat a significantly larger Delhi Sultanate army.

But now let's fast forward roughly years. Foreign commerce was mostly carried on by the Arabs since the Mughals like the Indians did not like to travel by sea.

A comparison of the similarities and differences between the mughal and the safavid empire

Despite not being as prosperous as the Ottomans or Mughals, the Safavids nonetheless made great achievements in art, architecture, and philosophy. One of the most prominent is the Sulaymaniyyah, named after Suleiman the Great, probably the greatest leader of the Ottomans. Their achievements had profound impacts on the areas they ruled, and continue to play a role in our lives today. Under Shah Ismail I, the empire expanded to include most of the Persian-speaking areas included in past empires, but unlike the Ottomans, who Suleiman in particular claimed to be successors to the Persian kings and to Caesar in Rome, the Safavids made no such claims. What makes you cringe? Let us know! And notably, they were one of the few empires that were able to fend off the Mongols. These Janissaries were actually Christian boys taken at a young age and then indoctrinated into the Janissary system. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error.

Sikhism Video transcript - [Sal] We are now going to go further in our study of the evolution of the empires in Asia.

However, these persecutions, which were supported by the Safavid ulama, never lasted long [4]. Muslim women had harsh restrictions as with Islamic law, but the non-Muslim women were subject to separate laws.

ottoman and safavid empires compared and contrast essay

But much of their territory, including the Ilkhanate, has now been taken over by Timur, who we talk about in previous videos. Now, one of their distinguishing characteristics is what's known as the Devshirme system in which the Sultan, the Emperor, would have a personal army of what could be called slaves, these Janissaries.

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