A report on the nurses role in vietnam

How many nurses were in the vietnam war

On the other hand, I was always straight with the soldiers. Imagine the horror when the Tet Offensive happened. It was a sad day indeed. In addition, nurses had to deal with numerous emotions: stress from the amount of patients they had to serve, anger at seeing young men so horribly wounded and guilt at not being able to save all of the wounded men or make them whole again. And there was an autographed picture of Miss America on his pillow. You just responded to the needs of your team. I thought the window had been broken by the concussion of the explosions outside. Pictures of Sharon Lane and an account of her short life and career.

Burn injuries were some of the worst casualties of war. And the bed was empty.

A report on the nurses role in vietnam

My tour ended in December There are things about you that are different than people that have not to been to war. The mother had received a telegram only days before informing her that her son was mortally wounded.

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Many family and friends came over to welcome me home. She also now serves as vice president of Vietnam Veterans of America.

Photo provided Combat hospitals were so busy that nurses worked 12 hours a day, six days a week. Dealing with patients with malaria, VD, etc.

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Burn injuries were some of the worst casualties of war. I watch in horror as the lower portion of his jaw, teeth exposed, dangles from what is left of his face. The Miss Americas, though, they had the hair, the makeup, the jewelry. I was 21 years old. This war was very unpopular at home and would end with the withdrawal of the United States and the unification of Vietnam under communist control. Yamato is the name of the largest Japanese battleship. Joanie Moscatelli is shown during her tour in Vietnam and recently at her home in western Pennsylvania. That will always be in my heart.

Many stayed in nursing. Six months before graduation, she was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the U. Their lives were in my hands.

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