Atrial fibrillation essay

Atrial fibrillation causes

A surgeon will often carry out this procedure alongside a heart repair. This requirement is further justified by the observed wide variation in management and disagreement amongst UK consultants regarding what is considered to be the optimal management strategy for this highly complex condition. Enhanced focal automaticity occurs most commonly in the pulmonary veins PVs , which generate microreentrant circuits that extend into adjacent left atrial tissue. Increase the odds of finding A-fib by regularly visiting your doctor for ongoing or preventative care. Anticoagulation for paroxysmal AF should not be based on the frequency or duration of paroxysms but on appropriate risk stratification, as for permanent AF. There are two basic strategies for elective cardioversion. Analysis of the available evidence demonstrates that different situations may warrant adoption of either rate control or rhythm control strategy. A rhythm control strategy is therefore associated with frequent AF recurrences, which may be asymptomatic, and places the patient at risk of stroke unless continuously treated with effective antithrombotic prophylaxis. Severe population-based studies have found that AF is associated with greater morbidity and mortality and worse quality of life.

It is the leading cause of arrhythmia-related hospitalizations with an important impact on medical costs The AMADEUS trial, which compared once-weekly subcutaneous idraparinux with warfarin, has recently been stopped because of an excess in bleeding rate in the idraparinux group.

All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. Secondary prevention of stroke is also well established with warfarin EAFT However in cases of an acute stroke, assessment of the risk from hemorrhagic transformation in patients with large cerebral infarcts needs to be made.

Various treatments including PVI Wazni et alpacemaker therapy Levy et alarrhythmia surgery Kawaguchi et alatrioventricular AV junction catheter ablation Ueng et aland atrial defibrillators Ricci et al have variable benefit in these patients.

Atrial fibrillation essay

Atrial dysfunction is most pronounced immediately following restoration of sinus rhythm and abates typically within days but has been described as far out as 3—4 weeks. The condition can lead to a stroke when blood pools in the heart and forms a clot that travels to the brain.

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Surgical ablation: The heart tissue that is causing the irregular rhythm can also be removed in an open-heart surgery called a maze procedure.

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Atrial fibrillation