Beauty contests essay

Unfortunately, the problem with young girls participating in glitz beauty pageants is that they are sadly being misguided. Money is said to be the main reason for all kinds of exploitation in the modern world.

Beauty contests essay

The questions range from personal topics to political views. That is how the typical beauty pageant scene would go.

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An aggressive debate ensues with some supporting children to be a part of beauty pageants and many others negating this kind of exposure to children. Order similar paper One of the most controversial issues surrounding beauty pageants is engaging children, especially young girls to take part in such activities. Do beauty pageants serve any reason in a society or is it a just a form of entertainment? The contestants range from ages two to sixteen. As the judges call it, "the complete package". This is the title that everyone from years old want. Pretty fades; beauty grows. Media outlets are continuously on these topics, also. To succeed in competition, one person must possess the power, effort, determination, and a great skill to become a champion. While some believe beauty pageants to be harmless social events that provide educational and national advancement, spawn awareness for charitable causes, and encourage confidence, others suggest that such competitions confuse societal morals, exploit women, and instill insecurity in young girls worldwide Beauty pageants are unnecessary activities that possess a unique history. Invariably, the mother is responsible for grooming the child.

Like such television shows encouraging and persuading young girls to participate in these activities. In American culture beauty pageants have been around since the s. As a result, children and young adults are growing up with a skewed idea of reality and beginning to lower their standards.

But, the real question for this topic is "are these pageants good for them in the long run? Beauty pageants are great for self-confidence and are tons of fun.

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This is the world of child beauty pageants. From one girl comparing herself to a magazine, judging another when changing in the locker room, or attending a full, all out, extravagant and official pageant; it is really all the same.

Miss America. As a result, their children must endure the same stipulations and scrutiny. Look at the joy in her face and her parents face.

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English: Beauty Contest and Young Girls Essay