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You can do this via a traditional … SWOT analysis: Strengths: Define the characteristics of your business or books that give it an advantage over others.

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Continuing to improve upon both your writing AND your business skills, is a wise investment. As new info comes in, circumstances change, or as results and analysis dictate, adjust your business plan accordingly. Weaknesses: What elements of your business place you at a disadvantage relative to others?

How important do you see author advocacy and a collective presence for writers? We need to balance our creative, artistic side with our product-sales side.

What strategies will you implement to grow your list? Click to download your free page Author Business Plan workbook : C.

How many books are you going to produce in next year? Pricing Models What pricing model s are currently being used in your genre or niche? Note predictions and future trends that may impact your writing or bottom line. Outline how you will share your work in a way that encourages people who are already interested, to take action.

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Define your market, decide who your customers will be, and devise and schedule effective marketing strategies.

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