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Unlike Yossarian, who is sensitive about the possibility of dying and insists upon retaining his independent thinking, Havermeyer cares nothing about his own life or his men and readily accedes to all the demands made by his superiors.

Instead, he makes a game of the task, striking out particular kinds of words.

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He starts to sign his name to each letter as "Washington Irving". Then when the chaplain does arrive, Yossarian is censoring romantic passages from the letters. This quickly bores him, and he makes it a game, crossing out all modifiers one day, leaving just articles the next.

General Peckem and General Dreedle did not get along.

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In a camp where each person has his own madness, Yossarian fits nicely into this atmosphere of madness. Yossarian says he does not eat the fruit because it is good for his liver, and he does not want to lose this special syndrome.

It seems that the doctors are unable to show that he is well, so they allow him to stay. So he invents censoring-the-letter games; sometimes he blacks out only adjectives and adverbs, sometimes he blacks out only salutations and signatures, sometimes he signs the letters with the signature of "Washington Irving," and sometimes he makes them sound like love letters.

Some of the men have done their fifty missions and eagerly hope that they will get their orders to return home before Colonel Cathcart increases the number of missions again.

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