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One of the largest uses of slave labor was in the southern plantations Upon his father's death, Penn inherited a substantial estate, as well as a claim to a sizable loan his father had made to the Crown. Goal 1 - To explain the importance of studying colonial history in the 21st Century Six Reasons to Study Colonial History To realize that diversity in North America was here from the beginning and such diversity makes us uniquely American. Also explain the steps American statesmen took that eventually led to independent declaration from England Now while people believed that they would have a better life in the new world, in reality life there was just as hard, if not harder. Slaves became a better investment than in indentured servants, and the southern colonies soon transitioned to slave-based, agricultural economies. The Indians concur with us in the Capital Punishment in the American Colonies words - 4 pages American colonies were introduced to the practice of capital punishment, through European colonization. This taxation caused massive rebellion by the Americans, and ultimately warfare. The dollar bills and coins we use today have been through many changes in appearance and value. In return, colonists would have to remain loyal to Parliament and provided a reasonable profit to Britain. The Company hopes to increase its profits in this corporate venture. The charter gave the corporation a monopoly on trading in a particular region. God had since made a covenant with Christ and upon fulfillment of that covenant, offered grace to a small minority of people known as the Saints. To understand the dominance of Protestantism. The colonies were separated into different areas and were all individually named and some of them were also bigger than the other.

England was island of limitation and the Colonies was a land of endless possibility. These original colonists quickly established many small towns in the name of high religious ideals and strict societal rules.

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As this happened, two groups were formed; the Tories, who supported staying with England and loyal to the king, and there were the Whigs, who supported liberty and patriotism and wanted the right to self-government Both Puritans and Separatists were British would instead of focusing on grabbing other lands like in Africa; they would have tried to maintain peace between them and the Americans. Their emigration from England was not forced upon them by the government, but offered by private groups whose chief motive was profit Analyze The Extent To Which Religious Freedom Existed In The British North American Colonies Prior To words - 3 pages The New World was first established because a group of people in England did not agree with the religious and political ways of life advocated. The Southern Colonies' economy was characterized by: Single crop economy - profitable, single crop farms growing tobacco, indigo, rice, hemp, and later on, cotton. Religious groups often arrive and settle on a new piece of land, and happen to shape that society, around their beliefs and religion. John Smith publishes A General Historie of Virginia in which he includes this sketch showing Smith taking an Indian chief hostage during a battle. The North and the South had had different economic backgrounds that were established since the American colonial period. By giving land away and not allowing any settler to receive more than acres, the trustees tried to prevent the rise of the plantation system that had dominated the other southern colonies. The economy encouraged the growth of widely-dispersed, isolated settlements. These farmers had to cut clearings in the forest and build houses, barns, and fences by hand in order to grow enough food and keep enough livestock to provide for their families.

IF this can be done by transplanting such as are necessitous and starving here, and consequently unnecessary; it is incumbent on us, at this Time more particularly, to promote and enlarge our Settlements abroad with unusual Industry, when the Attention of almost all the Powers in Europe is turn'd towards the Improvement of theirs.

Bythe regions had evolved into two distinct societies. You did not have to wait to have rights flow down to you, they would flow up, from you.

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Composed of five groups: landowners large plantation and small farmers ; merchants and craftsmen; servants; Indians; and slaves. As an exception, the "breadbasket colonies," which consisted of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, were able to harvest wheat.

The economic, social, and political differences between the Spanish and British colonization efforts created the opportunity to Britain to overtake North America. The Massachusetts Bay Colony, centered in Boston, ruled itself rather than be governed by company directors in England.

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Penn's father - a very wealthy man with close connection to the throne of Charles II - almost disowned his son over the conversion. Bacon dies of dysentery soon thereafter and the rebellion ends without its leader.

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Comparing the North American colonies