Deferred college should i write a letter

Frankly, I am somewhat concerned about the status of my admission. Although last week I learned that my application was deferred, I am still very interested in attending Harvard University and would be honored to be admitted.

As a deferral means you might be accepted to a college or university later, writing a deferral letter increases this chance.

good reasons to defer admission

Address the letter to the person whose name is specified on the deferral notification. Currently she states that she is "still very interested in UGA and would very much like to be admitted.

application for deferment of studies sample letter

Think of it this way—colleges want to fill their freshman class with highly qualified, successful students. It should be something important and useful, like attending lectures on the disciplines of your interest, having a part-time job, working as a freelancer, and so on. Make sure to personalize the letter and not copy the sample.

Extracurricular activities play a large role in U. Sample Letter from a Deferred Student Below is a sample letter that would be appropriate if deferred. In another year, I expect to be a more mature and engaged member of the Aplus community.

Take the time to demonstrate why you are interested in the college and what you have to offer.

How to write a deferral letter for a gap year

I have worked closely with my mentor collecting clinical data to show the correlation between diabetes and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Follow the instructions. Be honest about your reasons for taking time out and describe how you want to grow as a person. Continue Reading. Being honest and enthusiastic in your letter will have the most positive effect on the admissions officers. Grammatical mistakes can ruin what you have written. Smith, I am writing to inform you of an addition to my Harvard University application. Also ask if she is open to receiving updates on your academics and extracurriculars. If you know the name of the officer who reads applications from your high school, ask to speak to this person. Research for this article was contributed by Moon Prep essay coach, Lindsey Conger. Caitlin has a significant new honor to report to her first choice college, so she certainly should make the school aware of the update to her application. This semester, I am taking a full course load to challenge myself academically. The point improvement on her SAT scores is significant.

The letter of continued interest is not the place for these feelings, though. Your college counselor is probably more familiar with the admissions office in question.

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How to Write a Letter of Continued Interest