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The wind was blowing, a nice easy breeze, one that whistled the tune of humpty dumpty. Role of Clouds in Climate: Clouds have always been signs of the weather to come. A thorough study of all these data will take many years and will lead, of course, to new experiments; but the investigations have already provided fresh insights into how clouds might change with climate and provided us with some statistics about the global distribution and character of clouds. In part the variation is small because the effects of tropical clouds on thermal and solar radiation nearly cancel one another, but even more important is the controlling influence of heat transports by atmospheric winds. Data collection and model development proceed at GISS in parallel, with the goal of formulating an increasingly precise understanding of how sensitive the climate is in response to external forces and what those changes look like regionally. If the clouds produce no precipitation, then the energy released by the condensation of the cloud water is recaptured by the water vapour when the cloud water evaporates. And though they give, they remain puffed all the same, as if their pride of their fullness is as wide as the sky. General Through the glass was the ever changing art of the sky, the clouds that brought infinite images of beauty. Thus, the energy and water exchanges also fail to balance over shorter time periods, resulting in unforced variations of the climate. In the tropics exceptionally large thunderheads often form, extending from the surface to an altitude of between twelve and fifteen kilometers about 40, — 50, feet. The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the pond glittered invitingly. General From white velvet clouds comes sleek rain, strong enough to reach the skin in moments.

Although clouds over oceans and land contain about the same amount of water on average, the low-level clouds over oceans are composed of fewer, but larger, droplets than are low-level clouds over land. General High, ice-crystal clouds which look like wispy curls of hair, often the first signs of approaching weather changes.

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The question is — How many and which ones will actually take place when the climate changes and exactly how large will they be? General Above those tangerine mountains, kissed to their heady blush by the sun, were clouds that moved in shoals.

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It was a grey afternoon with a dull sky threatening rain. William B. Related Interests. Even such a simple scenario has problems, though. To develop a much better understanding of clouds, radiation and precipitation, as well as many other climate processes, we need much better observations.

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