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Sigmund, Kimberly Renee The University of Edinburgh, After a century of biomedical dominance in Mexico, multiple forms of complementary and alternative medicine CAM are now openly being practiced throughout the country.

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If ethics is seen simply as a question of avoiding a lawsuit and our codes are simply a list of restrictions on conduct designed to protect us from interference, our ethical purpose will simply be a matter of self-serving professional interest.

If submission falls on a weekend or holidays, the submission of electronic copy is taken as relevant for application of the penalties.

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Recent Submissions Bradley, Bridget The University of Edinburgh, This thesis follows the emergence of a biosocial community and shows the importance of social relations for British and American people living with body-focused repetitive behaviours BFRBs.

The Association of Social Anthropologists also provides extensive and detailed ASA ethics guidelineswhich you should consult carefully while planning your research.

While most studies of refugees and asylum seekers focus on issues of trauma and ill-health, this thesis attends to both positive and Having trained and competed alongside boxers in Ga Mashie, the area of central Accra strongly associated with the sport, They serve as a baseline for starting to think about ethical issues, but cannot of their nature encompass the complexities of concrete situations and the dilemmas of choice and positioning that anthropologists routinely face as they navigate through a variety of intersecting fields of power and responsibility and start to consider how their own work both reflects and affects power relations.

Each dissertation should be accompanied by a cover sheet, bound into the dissertation, containing the following: a a brief synopsis of the contents; b your candidate number as issued by the exams office ; c a declaration of the word count of the dissertation see Dissertation Style Guide for wording and the Dissertation Moodle Course resources section for a Template Cover Sheet.

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Hand-in times are standardised at 12pm noon on the due date, with daily penalties applied every 24 hours from the due time. Procedure Before proceeding to Part IIB you should consider whether or not you wish to offer a dissertation in your final year. You will be asked to sign a declaration statement that your dissertation is your own original work and that it does not contain material that has already been used to any substantial extent for a comparable purpose.

Penalties For Late Submission: 1 point per hour or part thereof — up to 3 points 1 point per the first hour, another point for the second hour, and a third point for any further delay up to 12 noon the next day Next 10 days or part thereof — 3 points per day Any work submitted after 10 days is marked 0 Electronic submission is mandatory Both the electronic and the hard copy need to be submitted by the deadline and have to be identical.

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