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Unlike previous dedicated e-readers, tablet computers are multi-functional, utilize LCD touchscreen displays, and are more agnostic to e-book vendor apps, allowing for installation of multiple e-book reading apps.

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This structure is referred to as digital ecosystem and helps smaller companies e. New Zealand, however, does not have a country specific Amazon store: its sales are added to the US numbers. It is also remarkable that while the share of the traditional publishing houses including the Big 5 falls probably partly due to the publishers artificially keeping the prices high , the indie market grows: individual authors sell more ebooks daily on Amazon than the publishers with ISBN put together. With only the option of using an online shop, the social interaction of buying or borrowing a book disappears. There are numerous other screen sizes available and they go upwards to When in the Brazilian government decided to digitally distribute textbooks to public school teachers and students and buying over The only problem could be catalogue size: while none of the big players disclose their catalogue size, we are talking about millions of books available to buy or rent from Kindle, Google Play or iBooks. In the following, we will talk about ebook sales in Russia, Brazil and China, based on the findings laid out in the Global Ebook Report. Many publishers in the recent times recognize the potential of the e-book market, both in terms of volume and profit margins. Taiwan One province of China ranked the second on this item with the market share of Note that this percentages include print as well.

The only problem could be catalogue size: while none of the big players disclose their catalogue size, we are talking about millions of books available to buy or rent from Kindle, Google Play or iBooks.

Overview[ edit ] An e-reader is a device designed as a convenient way to read e-books.

E-reader market share

E-Book Market Competitive Landscape The global e-book market is highly fragmented with many independent authors and publishers. This report evaluates historical trends, present scenario and future growth prospects of the e-book reader market across various regions globally for the period — What is more, in some emerging countries, the copyright issues, intellectual property issues are also the barriers of the development of the industry. Europe and China ranked the second and third markets with the market share of Emerging markets There is nothing wrong with positioning for the US market, thus being the biggest. User penetration of e-books is expected to grow at a significant rate recording a CAGR of 3. E-Reader Predictions for E-Readers will continue to grow in popularity, as people with older devices will upgrade to new ones. The section provides a detailed analysis covering key drivers, restraints, trends and key regulations across the assessed regions. Since Russia started to work towards regulating internet traffic and shutting down torrent sites in order to fight off illegal downloads, I believe that within a couple of years the Russian market are going to be even more attractive for publishers and retailers. Kobo launched an audiobook store and subscription service last year, but they have yet to include audiobook support in any of their E-Ink devices. Report Description This research report provides detailed analysis of the e-book reader market and offers insights on the various factors driving popularity of these devices. Actual data may vary and will be available in the report. Amazon is an oligopoly of the enterprise in the e-reader market, with the market share of There are a few reasons why people are buying more e-readers and screen size is a big one, no pun intended.

Obviously, Amazon is a dominant player in online book and ebook retailing. Color E Ink will not happen in Impact analysis of key growth drivers and restraints based on the weighted average model and PMR analysis and recommendation is included in this report to facilitate clients with crystal clear decision-making insights.

The report starts with an overview of the global e-book reader market in terms of value. The iPad, the first commercially profitable tablet, was followed in by the release of the first Android -based tablets as well as LCD tablet versions of the Nook and Kindle.

Note that this percentages include print as well.

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Amazon's Ebook Market Share