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Unfortunately, in too many countries education is narrowed down to target producing a skilled workforce, and curricula and syllabi is driven by standardised testing. In one of the small high schools featured in our book and videos , the entire ninth-grade curriculum focuses on developing the literacy skills students will need to do demanding work in all of the core subject areas. This last point is key. All incorporate high academic standards, such as the Common Core State Standards. Thuringowa planned, designed and implemented a 3-year process to close down its segregated unit for students with disabilities and establish a fully inclusive school, guided by the CRPD and the principles outlined in General Comment No. They work closely with local Afghanis to ensure that each school meets the needs of those it serves. Why Education Matters Education generates sustainable change that spans multiple generations. The district then held a series of design competitions, inviting small groups of educators with community partners to develop proposals for new small high schools. Students are showing the leadership that too many politicians are lacking.

Department of Justice reports girls as young as 10 years old are being recruited and trafficked by criminal rings while they still live with their parents. Malaquias, Catia Then they build them up into something they see as beautiful and powerful and everything good in his eyes," Dickson said.

While the challenges are great, Beacon of Hope is one of the only secondary schools in Uganda where a majority of the students are poor, rural, and empowered to envision a new future through an educational scholarship.

After Shannon Keys saw the supports provided at NKO to improve her teaching, she left another charter school in the city and took a pay cut to come to NKO.

A Summary of the evidence on inclusive education.

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Inclusion or Segregation for children with an Intellectual Impairment: What does the evidence say? All students are welcomed at enrolment, and parents and students are supported to engage with and undertake enrolment procedures.

Of particular importance are educational interventions, conducted at considerable scale, that have been shown in rigorous evaluations to improve instruction and develop the skills of low-income children.

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Teachers support students in their fight against climate change