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Many species of animals are not being able to cope up with the growing pollution. Related Articles:. The sex ratio of the total population of different States and Union Territories in India in is shown in Table Firstly, more children for them mean more number of hands to work and earn money for the family. Also, all these people are unevenly distributed across 3. Growth of human population has become a cause of concern in many parts of the world, mainly in the poor countries. During the census decade land , the absolute increase in population and the percentage contribution of each of the States and Union Territories to the total population in India are presented in Table 3. The best solution is that we should not allow it to happen. The population in many parts of earth is increasing. The southern parts of Chhatisgarh and its adjoining areas in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa report an extremely low density — less than persons per square km. This number increased in and when the total number of literate persons increased from Essay 9. Limited job opportunities cause some areas to be sparsely populated e. There are numerous people seeking jobs but the vacancies are limited.

Population Growth and Processes of Population Change Population growth is determined by the annual growth rate, which is calculated in percent per annum. Changes in the Climate The climate in various parts of the world has changed drastically. Female infanticide, sex determination tests and selective female foeticide are also partly responsible for this.

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The reproductive period of girls begins normally from years. Rural and Urban Population: It is a traditional methodology in the census of India to notify the rural and urban population.

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During this phase, a definite declining trend of population growth is visible. There are districts.

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In , the birth rate in the females of that age group in rural and urban areas was West Bengal ranks first among the major states with a density figure of persons closely followed by Bihar , Kerala and Uttar Pradesh Young persons, both males and females, prefer to educate themselves and make a career in order to a have decent living rather than marry early. Thus plastic waste lying unattended is the cause for concern. In this way, there had been decrease in the birth rate of rural and urban females of age group years, as shown in Table 6. The size of urban population in India has been increasing over the period to In the land revenue paying villages, it is not necessary that there should be population, but it is necessary to have definite protected boundary. Water shortages have reduced economic activity in towns, and cities and villages. Illiterate people do not know the importance of family planning. The single largest concentration of population occurs in the plains of the north, particularly in the Ganga plain.

They are closely related to two important indicators of human life viz. The major reason for population changes, whether in an individual country or for the whole world, is the change in birth and death rates.

It shows that in comparison to urban areas, the birth rates and death rates are high in rural areas. Sharp edged boundaries can easily be noticed between the areas of dense concentration of population in the alluvial tracts of the plains and deltas, on the one hand, and areas of relatively sparse population in the upland plateaus and the mountainous areas, on the other.

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The princely states numbered Inspite of the fact that the population policies, family planning and welfare programmes undertaken by the Govt. The main reason for high birth rate, death rate and natural growth rate of population in rural areas has been insufficient and ineffective maternity and child health services. Average population is obtained by dividing the total population in the region by the number of spatial units used for the analysis. In , the death rate in urban areas of age group years was Steps to Control Population in India The Government of India, politicians, policy makers should initiate a bold population policy so that the economic growth of the country can keep pace with the demands of a growing population. Rural settlements number 5, 80, ranging from those that have a population of over 10, persons to those with less than even people. It was There is a direct and positive relation between illiteracy and marital fertility. Once again sharp edged boundaries can be noticed between the areas of high density, on the one hand, and areas of low density, on the other. Age-Specific Death Rate: Age-specific death rate means the number of persons dying in a particular age group per persons of that age group in a given year.

It can choke municipal gutters or may create obstacles in the flow of storm water in the hilly areas or may become cause of death of many animals, especially as the cows eat food contained in polythene bags.

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