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Australia winning by 7 runs.

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The teams carried their points forward from the matches played against the other two who were in their group. England will be eligible automatically because they are hosting, as will the top seven one day international nations according to the latest ICC rankings 6 months proceeding to the tournament. History The first attempt at any kind of world championship was in , when a three-way series was arranged between the then current Test playing nations, Australia, England and South Africa. It was also the first tournament to feature an African Test nation, South Africa. A replica is presented to the winning team, which is identical in all aspects apart from the inscription of the previous champions. The teams of these twelve countries were divided into Group A and Group B. The games were reduced from 60 to 50 overs per innings, the current standard, because of the shorter daylight hours in the Indian subcontinent compared with England's summer. Australia made runs in

Successive World Cup tournaments have generated increasing media attention as One-Day International cricket has become more established.

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Following the success of this tournament, it was repeated in and in England. India is a cricket crazy country and there is a.

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A replica differing only in the inscriptions is permanently awarded to the winning team. How did people in India celebrate this victory? Teams were arranged one behind the other in Alphabetical order of the names of the participating countries for parade march in the stadium.

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Australia and Pakistan qualified for Final.

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