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He informs Forrest of the injustice that blacks are going through such as the raping of black women by white men and the unjustified treatment that white society is giving towards the black race. Race was not a huge subject in the movie, as the main character treated all races equally.

While they were children, however, Jenny and Forrest prayed to God to make Jenny a bird so that she could leave her abusive father.

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Instead of doing manual labor, she ran a business that was similar to a bread and breakfast. Forrest tries to save Jenny from them, but ends up getting kicked out.

A crippled and self-pitying Lt.

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Through simplicity and old-fashioned good luck, he is richly rewarded by the free market. This is a common occurrence in the south. All the roads in this small town in Alabama were dirt roads and it appeared as if there was no commercialized area for miles. Her reactions to a stranger talking to her as she tries to read a magazine on a bus stop bench are justified and would be seen with any person. Nonetheless, having been inducted into the Library of Congress Film Registry, Forrest Gump must have done something well. As stated previously, race relations and southern culture were not the focus of the film. He was elected governor for the first time in with the largest popular vote in the state's history. I figured it was some weirdo prestige project that a big-name actor was doing for some indie cred, and would never, ever be a commercial success. The University worked with police to find any disqualifying qualities, or when this failed, intimidated the applicants. The stereotypical southern accents, the confederate flag license plates seen on the truck that chases Forrest one day after high school , and the small community feel that the fictional place of Greenbow held. However, the movie was correct when they mentioned the heavy rains in Vietnam. Forrest, at the beginning of his narrative, explains that he was named after the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, General Nathan Forrest. Something was clearly going on. When the two first met again after years apart, she was a single mom in Savannah, Georgia, herself a symbol of the breakdown of the traditional family and the movement of women into the workforce during the s. Other than Forrest being in the choir at the Baptist church, there was not much mention of religion.

He has one sexual indiscretion in his entire life, which results in the birth of his son, but otherwise his record is spotless. The film included the day that the University desegregated and allowed for two black students to enroll in summer classes.

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Other than being an accurate portrayal as this was taking place in the s , it paved the way for the remainder of the movie. The film included the day that the University desegregated and allowed for two black students to enroll in summer classes. The Hippie Culture The primary belief for the Hippies was that life was about living in the moment and not caring about what others thought. The event was depicted in the film Forrest Gump , in which the title character appeared at the event, [14] [15] [16] and in the television movie George Wallace. Forrest Gump alone in one ambush had to save about 8 of his fellow soldiers because of injuries. In early June a federal district judge ordered that they be admitted, [4] and forbade Governor Wallace from interfering. They planed a major role in the movie because Jenny was apart of their movement for a while and they showed their support at the Vietnam War protest. President Kennedy sent federal troops to make sure they were enrolled. The clothes were normally bought at flea markets or second hand shops.

Forrest sees a group of people that appeared to be protesting. The scene consists mostly of a member of the Black Panthers yelling at Forrest, who is in his military uniform.

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In the movie, Forrest is listening in on his speech where he tells the African American students that they cannot go in. It was not until the film depicted the Black Panther movement, was race relation touched upon for a second time. Gump did what she could to provide with Forrest. C, at the Lincoln Memorial. One has to remember that the s and early s had plenty of their own traumas, between the emergence of HIV, the devastating impact of crack and deindustrialization, and a seemingly unmanageable rise of violent crime. Taking place in Alabama, Forrest Gump would have trouble existing without depicting the south. Forrest went to the University of Alabama, an institution that has a very rich football history. According to the movie, even the Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, tried to keep the black students from enrolling. This is important because it was a major scandal of the time and is still referenced today. A crippled and self-pitying Lt. The movie incorporates this battle of wills by including black and white film of the Governor speaking to the people of Alabama and referring to the United States as a military dictatorship.

The movie was correct though when it showed the shrimping industry damaged.

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