Frankenstein and solitude essay

When Victor confronts his creation in the Alps, the first thought is to destroy his creation. Victors isolation is created by himself by retreating from humanity to please the creature.

This theme is so important because everything the monster does or feels directly relates to his poignant seclusion. Victor sees his friendship to him as a compensation for the deficiency in his relationship to his brothers Based on the working definition of isolation for this research paper, the development of isolation will be outlined by identifying inducing incidents and processes.

He wakes up from his trance and suddenly is aware of the misery he has put himself in through his occupation and hopes to be free soon.

Frankenstein and solitude essay

Waldman William is used as a foil to show that Victor is a selfish beast. The monster's emotional isolation makes him gradually turn worse and worse until evil fully prevails. People have been trying to find many cures for these illnesses, but one treatment in particular stands out to me, pet therapy. Victor does not perceive the aspects of a mutual relationship, for all of his relations are based off of his own selfishness. This theme perpetuates from Mary Shelley's personal life and problems with her father and husband, which carry on into the work and make it more realistic. The effects of this terrible burden have progressively damaging results upon the monster, and indirectly cause him to act out his frustrations on the innocent. We have studied The French Revolution, Scientific Revolution, Colonialism, and Reformation, all stressing what made this time period important to the individual.

Will this overthinking hurt him in the end? Hearing about the family fleeing the village because of his presence leads to isolation building into anger.

isolation imagery in frankenstein

I was Crockford 4 required to exchange chimeras of boundless grandeur for realities of little worth. Throughout this, Frankenstein weakens his relationships, such as his relationship with Elizabeth and Henry. After committing the first sin he secludes "from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken" Teen Study Bible, Gen.

The one difference that really sets Victor and the Creature apart is the fact that Victor still believed that the Creature was evil in the end, but the creature realized that the crimes he had committed were wrong. Research shows that the use of pets can help with signs of depression, loneliness, and other forms of anxiety.

This novel does well in pointing out a few morals and characteristics that humans possess and never really reflect upon. The negative effects that Victor faces are becoming obsessed with building a monster and becoming sick.

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Isolation in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essays