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He also suffers from loneliness - again, this is like Victor and, indeed, the Monster. If Victor had been the sole storyteller, the novel would end in his death and the destiny of the monster would remain unknown to the reader. How is Walton like this? Victor is able to tell his tale as it happened to him and in the end, the monster is able to tell of his terrible existence among Man and express his deep sense of sorrow for wanting to belong in a place that he was never meant to be. Giving this role to any other character such as Frankenstein, he could possibly just end the novel with his death and leave the Monster out to dry. Like Victor's, Walton's education was " neglected " Letter 2. Essentially, Walton is looking for another version of himself - just as the Monster seeks a similar mate. That desire is fed when Victor is introduced. He would want this person to agree or make minor adjustments to his plans but not, significantly, to stop him from pursuing his course. Robert Walton makes humankind look like they are merciful and sympathetic. Frankenstein is able to tell what happened to himself, but throughout the novel, the monster was never able to say that his solitude was destroyed and that it found a companion. Despite all that has transpired between them, the creature still harbors love for his creator. And so Walton survives the novel. Not only does Walton wish for a companion but one who has certain characteristics - 'gentle yet courageous, possessed of a cultivated as well as of a capacious mind'.

Walton's ambition also reveals his arrogance. The creature says that it caused him agony to commit his crimes, since his heart "was fashioned to be susceptible to love and sympathy"; only the greatness of his misery drove him to vice and hatred.

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Robert used this as a way to tell the reader the after the death of Frankenstein, the revenge the Monster wanted on him would die. Announcing his forthcoming suicide and then disappearing in the darkness brings an end to the monster and a close for the novel. How is Walton like this?

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As for the Monster, his lonesomeness was never satisfied, for his own situation cursed him to an eternity of loneliness. It would have left the story open without a resolve to the monster.

But see, that's where he's wrong.

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Like Victor's, Walton's education was " neglected " Letter 2.

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