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When they write for teachers, it can sometimes feel like a hoop to jump through. Shop through the list below, see if one of these student writing contests suits your curriculum, and get ready to see some motivated students. While some of them do offer large cash prizes, so can be of benefit to writers, I wasn't comforable promoting these brands or being associated with them. In these instances, there will be links to the published stories and more detailed information about my direct experiences with the competition in question. But lots of fun. Age Group: 11th grade How to Enter: Students submit ten-page play scripts online or by mail. You can decide for yourself whether that's true or not

Stay tuned to the website for the new prompt. About a third of them found us through your web site. Because of the paperwork involved, it might make sense to choose the top essays from your class to send in to the national contest.

In addition to this, the winner's face is featured on the front cover of the book, which is created by a different artist each year. The new contest prompt is published in October.

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I mention it again here because there were a lot listed in the regular competition lists. You can find out how to enter here.

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Some contests are of high renown like the BBC Short Story Award or the Bridport Prizeoffering huge prizes, and some are lesser known, but offer great opportunities for newer writers to become published authors.

I will try and keep this list up to date, but please check the rules and dates on the different competition websites before entering.

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Read all about entry here. Featured Competition: To Hull And Back To Hull And Back is a biennial humorous short story competition that offers 'the greatest literary prize in the known macrocosm'. When they write for a real purpose, they are empowered.

Engineer Girl Annual Essay Contest Description: Each year, Engineer Girl sponsors an essay contest with topics centered on the impact of engineering on the world.

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