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Phenomenal demand means we've run out Get yourself on the waiting list. The related prepayment shall be refunded if the related service installation is not completed.

Full terms and conditions are available on our network page here. HGC's technician shall be equipped with the CAT5-E or fiber cable and specific model of PC to access to internet service through Modem Ethernet port of subscriber, and show the transmission speed to subscriber on the spot.

Typical Busy Speed: This is the typical busy period download speed that the average consumer can expect to receive between 7pm and 11pm.

Therefore, compensation will not be applicable to any free month offered by HGC. Onsite testing by HGC's technician could not be arranged within 2 days after reporting by the restriction of management office of the premises. For Subscriptions, minimum connection is 12 months after which the contract will automatically rollover for a further 12 months unless you notify Vodafone that you wish to cancel before the end of month 12 of any Subscription year.

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Depending on the actual circumstances of the installation address, if HGC Global Communications or its installation staff or contractor, in its absolute discretion, considers that the required installation work beyond the scope of the standard installation work e. Give our team a call today on Please enter address to view latest offers available to you. The above Installation Fee only covers the standard installation work. Therefore, compensation will not be applicable to any free month offered by HGC. Forfeited if you cancel. Customer service representative of HGC shall conduct a preliminary transmission speed test for the network over the phone. Testing Method and Compensation Principles HGC's technician shall visit and conduct onsite testing at subscriber's premises according to the appointed time schedule. See our coverage checker here. The fixed contract period is 36 months as the case may be. See app developer websites for more information, terms and conditions. Personalised Service. The applications depicted are subject to change.

There is no option to purchase the Modem outright or on a monthly payment plan. Further information available at vodafone. Excludes rate plan change.

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If your eligible voice plan is cancelled, this Add-on will also automatically cancel, and you will lose access to your FVN. Not for commercial or resale purposes.

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