Ideas for writing a letter to a soldier in iraq

Not content to lead from behind a desk, Smith frequently made the rounds among the Marines, said Darrick Sewell, who was a lance corporal working in the combat operations center on the deployment.

Do presidential visits to combat zones offer leaders any insights, or boost morale for troops?

letters to soldiers examples from students

So it's a bit of a struggle to think of anything to put into a letter that's worth reading. When a historian reads those letters, he can get an idea of what the soldiers were like and what they thought of while they were away from home.

Sunday, Dec. Please send your cards and letters thanking our veterans. Smith center and Lt.

writing letters to soldiers examples

Include some humor but be aware that everyone has a different sense of humor. Ask if there are any special wishes they would like granted while they are there.

Maybe the significant other is urging the solder to do things and they are not following through because of the many reasons listed above. If you have connections in the military, mention that.

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Marine Colonel Known for Heartfelt Iraq War Letters Laid to Rest