Macbeth is to blame for his own downfall essay

Their relationship as a husband and wife, is more like a mother and child or even a teacher and pupil.

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The context here is theological and philosophical. The weird sisters set Macbeth's fate into motion. Macbeth is so stuck on the prophecie he feels that he is industructable.

Why are the witches to blame for macbeths downfall

In all respects, he still is a good man because he had guilty conscience; an evil man would have no recall of any guilty conscience. The witches lay temptation in the way of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth used Macbeth's weaknesses to bully him into doing what she wished. Immediately after she receives the letter from him telling her about his success, she becomes obsessed with the news and immediately hatches a plan. She is determined for him to become more than he is destined to be. In conclusion, I stronggly believe macbeth brought his own downfall. This is when Macbeth becomes the king and no longer consults Lady Macbeth in his further plans and actions. These weaknesses are his greed, ambition and vanity. Spurred on by is own ambition Macbeth is responsible for his destructive fate. At this stage of the play Macbeth has lost all human compassion and empathy so he thinks nothing of murdering innocents. Once again Macbeth and only Macbeth could have changed this, making Macbeth more and more guilty of his own downfall. There are some people who believe that we are not supposed to feel sympathy for Macbeth, that our eyes are drawn to him simply because he is an evil man. The driving force behind Macbeth's downfall?

It could be argued that Macbeth is not totally to blame for his own destruction, allowing himself to be influenced by others. The witches have chosen the precise moment to approach Macbeth — when he was full of triumph after the battle. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

He lead himself to defeat by falling to his fatal flaws.

who is to blame for the downfall of macbeth and his reign as king essay
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