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Many managers and business owners — in most cases one and the same when analysing small businesses — often influence the uptake of online services and e-commerce capabilities of their businesses since most decisions and directions taken in the business are effected by these persons.

There are still, however, important aspects of e-commerce business conduct prospective entrepreneurs should be willing to learn, both for compliance as well as for manoeuvring their business tactfully.

Something else that will make online shopping more accessible for South Africans is ensuring that online stores work optimally on mobile phones.

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The- ecommerce environment in this country is still growing, and with increases in spending in terms of value and [global] breadth, opportunities with this growth allow for more unique and personalized tastes across the consumer market to be catered for. On a consumer level, growth for most networks has slowed down, but engagement by users has intensified.

This balancing act should be sped up if the country wants to equip itself for the full utility of online utilization by its populous.

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Merchants have reported that increased flexibility in the application of 3D Secure to online transactions in recent years has reduced cart abandonment by consumers.

Yes, definitely.

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Suggestions for a managerial model take any form a business so wishes depending on the operational needs, market segment and types of products being sold. E, Courtney. Includes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market and , reputable, prominent B2B websites. Source: Budree: , pp. Kalahari adopted this mechanism once it realized business uptake was slow and processes monitoring of website data and performance in relation to customer experience were inefficient. As a result both types of customers are using consumer and B2B websites to purchase products and services for their companies or as individuals. Figure 5. For some brevity, Modimogale and Kroeze list some factors when considering an online platform for an online business. Cross border purchases: A burgeoning SA market trend One of the main drawbacks to e-commerce business is the turnaround time for cross-border internationally purchased arriving on South African shores Mkhosi: Considering this, if data prices, as well as ICT knowledge were more accessible for smaller businesses, situations like the one mentioned above may not have occurred. S, Harindranath. Realizations like these, pertaining to burgeoning market trends should be seized upon not only for local, but also — with the internet omniscient as it is — global markets.

First, it is useful for a historical over view of the sector in South Africa.

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