My favourite toy ball

I love him, and still do. And I always used it to stay warm when I was a baby.

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I love looking at them with my friends. As a follow up activity ask your students to draw and colour their favourite toy.

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Recycling toy vocabulary: robot, teddy, doll, plane, kite, scooter, bike, football, boat, ball, car, monster. Use flashcards. I named it Cuddles. That is my favorite toy that I had when I was little. Alex: My favourite toy is my kite. My favorite toy were my robots because they could battle together and say words. It was my first toy ever, and I got it from my big sister, Jennifer. I like these because I always build the set and a few days later I get to break it and build something new. Jill: My favourite toy is my doll. It is really special because it helps me calm down. Thanks, Tony. Sit your students in a circle and place target vocabulary flashcards face up in the middle of the circle.

Kim: Thank you, Sam. Thanks, Tony.

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Jingle Bear was given to me when I was below 8 months old. Sometimes I think it is unbreakable. So now if I lose one half, then I will have a backup.

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