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Paraphrasing is NOT… Just changing words from the original Keeping identical sentence structure Transferring ideas sentence per sentence. It is important that you can easily distinguish between a quotation, a paraphrase and a summary. They are called the authorial prominent link and the information prominent link.

paraphrasing exercises for college students

I hope you benefited from this lesson. What you choose to paraphrase from the original is CLOSELY related to your assignment argument Remember WHY you are taking these ideas and information from the original text — to support your main idea — your argument. Any fool can use a thesarus.

There are three words in this idiom.

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To get a good mark in IELTS writing task 2 for the criterion of vocabulary, you need to be able to paraphrase. Paraphrasing Options You do not need to use all the words. Paraphrasing is more difficult, so why bother to do it?

poem paraphrasing exercises with answers

But you can still learn from completing the exercise on your own and checking your writing with the answers provided. Curtin University of Technology Research has demonstrated that students overuse quotations in their research papers.

I hope this is correct : Philip Mcfedries Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills in learning a second language, because it helps improve your vocabulary, grammar and understanding of texts.

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