Phd thesis on recruitment and selection system

questionnaire on recruitment and selection process pdf

What this implies is that corporate growth is contingent on attracting and retaining people who can contribute meaningfully to organisational success. Attracting individuals who meet the requirements of the job specification is the next stage. As such, my current interest in career choices are focused on the teaching and research aspects of being a professor.

Purpose of the Study The objective of this thesis is to provide comprehensive information to all stakeholders who have an interest in enhancing minority recruitment and selection.

Dissertation on recruitment and selection pdf

The position to be filled must be defined in terms of job description and job specification. General intelligent: good intelligence; 4. Assessment centres are also used as selection methods. Recruitment Approaches 4. Cite Harvard Ph. For organization to be sustained, employees have crucial roles to play in order to ensure that organizations attain competitive advantage over the competitors across the globe. Purpose of the Study The objective of this thesis is to provide comprehensive information to all stakeholders who have an interest in enhancing minority recruitment and selection. Critical issues to consider include whether to recruit internally or externally, and the methods to adopt in attracting the right people. He further opined that the task of recruitment is to generate a sufficient pool of applicants to ensure that there are enough people available with necessary skills and requirements to fill positions. In my position, I analyze job descriptions to assist students in creating an effective resume and cover letter. Selection process in large organizations may be lengthy and will be wider for manufacturing organizations and differs from one industry to other depending on the task and competitiveness of the industry. Vancouver Ph. Literature Review 2. But collectively they are important for retaining employees and getting best output.

In an emerging economy like Nigeria business organizations are to advance modern recruiting and selection strategy that will enhance quality of service delivery due to the entries of multinational companies and the growth in communication technology which lead to the development of e-commerce.

Chicago Ph. The recruitment process is usually triggered by retirement, promotion, resignation, transfer and dismissal or technological or product market changes Watson The above problem motivated the researcher to examine the impact of recruitment and selection strategy on the employee performance in the real sector.

Phd thesis on recruitment and selection system

In fact, the quality of the organizational performance depends upon the quality of employees which is determined by recruitment policies and practices in the organization.

Organizations nowadays are more concentrating on acquiring appropriate human capital because the employees are the most valued and most precious assets of an organization.

Casio stated that recruitment and selection starts with a clear statement of objectives of the firm based on the types of knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics.

Questionnaire on recruitment and selection process pdf

The theoretical framework provided will address the challenges of recruiting a diverse police workforce. APA Ph. Not only is selection a decision-making process, it is also a process of reciprocity between the employer and the candidate Watson Since the selection process entails collecting and ordering data and opinions from which decisions are made Watson , it is therefore important that employers choose appropriate methods in selecting candidates Marchington and Wilkinson A good quality recruiting program advert should catch the attention of the qualified and not the unqualified through effective job specification and explanation. Selection Approaches 5. A sound manpower plan programme logically follows a well drawn-up recruitment strategy. Literature Review 2. General intelligent: good intelligence; 4.

Strategic HRM is therefore concerned with acquiring, deploying and allocating human resources in a manner that gives the organisation a competitive edge Wolf and Jenkins

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Recruitment and Selection Strategy on Employees’ Performance