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But if his analysis of the big picture is compelling, his arguments become much less convincing when he shifts his discussion to the workings of business. He shows how this shift in family authority became a poignant source of strain between the generations: the sons looked to their fathers for guidance in dealing with the urban work world, but the fathers were as passive in the larger society as they were in the home.

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He conflates phenomena that have very different causes, and he misreads the choices available to managers, giving too little weight to the larger economic and competitive forces that set the parameters for business decisions. Moreover, as computer networks grow even more powerful and ubiquitous, people may actually have to make fewer personal sacrifices to sustain their careers. The first book in this series is The Craftsman, published in ; subsequent volumes are Together: The Rituals, Pleasures, and Politics of Cooperation, published in , and Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City on the making of the urban environment. This was a refuge not dominated by the father, whose role was gradually weakening, but by the mother. Edited by Stephen Thernstrom and Richard Sennett. He and his wife, Jeannette, married while they were attending business school together. Re-issued Barcelona: Peninsula, Rico also worries that his children have no "ethical discipline. The proliferation of craft bakeries and similar cottage industries dedicated to producing, say, fine cheeses or to growing unusual plants or to writing elegant shareware, is a recent phenomenon that testifies to the range of possibilities opened up by the new economy. But if his analysis of the big picture is compelling, his arguments become much less convincing when he shifts his discussion to the workings of business. These conditions are being rapidly exacerbated - particularly in London and New York - by the increasingly destructive intervention in cities of global organisations allowed to operate without assuming any level of urban, social responsibility. Milan: Feltrinelli, A change in modern institutional structure has accompanied short-term, contract or episodic labour.

This website gives you information about his published books and articles; it provides a gallery of images which supplement his writings on cities; it contains a full c.

He reveals the vivid and illuminating contrast between two worlds of work: the vanished world of rigid, hierarchical organizations, where what mattered was a sense of personal character, and the brave new world of corporate re-engineering, risk, flexibility, networking, and short-term teamwork, where what matters is being able to reinvent yourself on a dime.

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The question the book poses is not one we can ignore: As we spend our days toiling in virtual companies, are we fated to become virtual men and women, efficient and adaptable but without substance?

Sennett views these developments as absolutely antithetical to everything that the city has stood for historically and should continue to stand for today.

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They conclude that the games of hierarchical respect we currently play will end in a fratricide in which no class can emerge the victor; and that true egalitarianism can be achieved only by rediscovering diverse concepts of human dignity to substitute for the rigidly uniform scale against which Americans are now forced to judge one another- and validate themselves.

But Rico fears that his own career provides no such standard for his kids. The Hague: Van Gennap, Amazon WorldCat.

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Bent Out of Shape by Flexibility