Rural distribution channels

intermediaries in the rural distribution channel

Ragan, K. Realities of channel dynamics. The second, is to provide a framework that can be of use to a company planning to enter rural areas for the first time, as well as to those who are already operating and aim to improve their distribution efficacy.

Rural distribution in india

Planned and evolutionary changes in distribution channels. Alderson, W. The growing rural market in India. Cost and Profit Outlook, September : A market with limited infrastructural development will usually be characterised by consumers with high demands for service outputs Coughlan et. Distribution strategy and the retailing component will influence the structure. The proposed hypotheses to understand the impact of the task environment on channel structure are, H1: The structure of distribution would be different in markets with different task environments H2: With an increase in the population and accessibility of villages the channel length would reduce and intensity would increase. Thus distribution structure can be understood through the various theories propounded. Aldrich, , Competition and Evolution in Distributive Trades. Rural Retailing The marketing function depends heavily on the presence of intermediaries between the producer and the consumer, and the retailer is perhaps the most important type of intermediary, situated in direct contact with customers Seth and Sisiodia, The scale-economies paradigm has also received support in the fact that the higher the sales volume of a product line or business, the more the firms rely on integrated channels Klien et al ; Lilien References Achrol, R.

The proposed methodology for conducting the study would be predominantly by the survey method. Structure of channels- A Process oriented approach According to this approach, it is the interaction between the process structure of a channel and the organisational structure which leads to the formation of channel structure.

Organizational strategy, structure and process. Illinois: Richard D Irwin. They are task environment, rural retailing, distribution strategy and product characteristics. Wilkinson, I.

Rural distribution channels

According to Sethwithout a comprehensive conceptual perspective, empirical research in an area tends to be localised on a limited set of research issues, thereby ignoring processes, constructs and relationships of primary importance.

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distribution system in rural markets