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E-mail: rachelle wordserveliterary. Fax: Josh Getzler Writers House, 21 W.

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No snail mail submissions. Then, peruse the WD list and find your agent match. Actively seeking: nonfiction that is highly commercial and that can be adapted to film. Send no attachments. If interested, this agent will request more pages. Beware of agents who ask for evaluation fees, submission fees, editing costs or anything else along those lines. Discovering new authors brings Deborah great joy. They will not open attachments unless they have been requested. Forging close relationships with our authors, we help them with such critical factors as editorial refinement, branding, audience, and marketing.

Nicole loves to read about small towns, cowboys, social and mental health issues, protagonists with pets, and romantic and mysterious subplots, but is not a great fit for historical fiction, nonfiction, or memoirs at this time.

Snail mail queries are acceptable, though manuscripts will be not be returned.

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Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! E-mail queries only. Her hope is to cultivate new writers. Stats: Represents 40 clients. Attachments will not be opened or read.

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Cheesy need not apply! This agency is interested solely in nonfiction at this time. Send me your fantasy, your sci-fi, your genre-bender! Fiction areas of interest: general fiction, mystery, historical novels esp. How to contact: "Send a query letter and the first 10 pages, along with a detailed synopsis of the entire book, in the body of an e-mail. Responds in 1 week to queries; weeks to manuscripts. E-mail: adam artistsandartisans. Summarize your book idea and include in the body of your email your proposal and, if appropriate, the first 50 pages. E-mail: verna dreisbachliterary. Most of her authors have been bestsellers or award winners so you are in good company. Winning queries possess a sense of fun and humor.

She is happy to read first-time writers. Prior to becoming an agent, Ms. Does not want to receive: picture books. Represents 20 clients. Accepts e-mail queries, simultaneous submissions.

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