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She had the grace of control to appear warm in the coldest weather, and on the Arkansas summer days it seemed she had a private breeze which swirled around, cooling her. We must also teach them tolerance because not all people have had the opportunities that we have had. You can see the little girl in the story and feel her shame and pain when she hears her mother speak. The characters will be magically true, and the visitor can relate with all of these people at some level. Some differences include the length, Caged Bird is much shorter whereas Sister Flowers is far longer. Caged Bird paints a picture very well however it is a brief picture. Angelou learned to look past the cover of a book to find the natural beauty in the phrases; consequently, the lady learned to do this with people while she grew. But the meetings with Mrs. When Momma tries to reach out to this woman, Maya is totally embarrassed: Why on earth did she insist on calling her Sister Flowers? Flowers had wanted to share a snack and her favorite book with her. Flowers deserved better than to be called Sister. Oh my! Hornbarger Ashford University I chose to compare and contrast two stories from the same author. Significant points of the story to remember will be: Marguerite lives with the memory space of her rape every day with no someone to talk to, and with no wall plug, this creates a lot of anger and shame in a young daughter. Many things like racism, sexism, and many other intolerant behaviors would disappear.

As you can see it is far more direct in the intension of the message to the reader. Plants Angelou was ashamed of Momma Then towards the end you can see the change in the little girl when she realizes she should not be ashamed.

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Flowers deserved better than to be called Sister. Marguerites' discomfort blinds her to Mrs. The dominant impression or thesis is located in Pra. Flowers so much—she's just like Momma, but with the education that Maya dreams of having. However, by the end from the second passage the reader is drawn into the resilient associated with a child. The simple act of sharing a snack and reading a story aloud with this young girl had changed the view the girl had on her mother, grandmother, and perhaps society. I was able to see and even feel how the little girl felt about Mrs. Best of All Peoples The author's purpose, to reveal her poetic self in a literary interaction, intensifies as she describes her mentor. Poor Momma kind of gets the shaft compared to Mrs.

Then, Momma left out the verb. Flowers' "lessons in living" for a short time, she carries what she has learned with her wherever she goes.

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By comparing the same author you know that the author has the same writing ability and can better compare the differences in the narrative and descriptive stories.

Sister Flowers is more realistic and a literal story, and Caged Bird is a more interpretive story.

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