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The mock-heroic tone is also used in other instances: when the Nun's Priest describes the capture of the Don Russel and refers to the event in terms of other prominent traitors referring to the fox as "a new Iscariot, a second Ganelon and a false hypocrite, Greek Sinon" and when the barnyard animals discuss high philosophical and theological questions. The framed narratives are the individual stories told by the. Eventually the consumption of alcohol led the three men making bad decisions, such as chasing after, death, a spiritual figure that can not be tamed. She connected with an old friend, and sold weed on the side. Chanticleer is stubborn but does relent to Pertelote's rationality, but when he does he gets one final joke on her. The reader should be constantly aware of the ironic contrast between the barnyard and the real world, which might be another type of barnyard. Soon the widow, her two daughters, the dogs, hens, geese, ducks, and even the bees, are chasing the fox. The Black Plague had decimated the population and created voids in the labor force.

Observing the Priest's magnificent physique, he comments that, if the Priest were secular, his manhood would require not just seven hens, but seventeen. Boredom comes from the depths of the mind. The question frames the other themes of the tale.

The implication is that living the humble Christian life is easier for the poor than for the rich, who have, like Chaunticleer, many obligations and great responsibilities after all, if Chaunticleer does not crow at dawn, the sun cannot rise.

In this case, glossing a text is the comments, explanations, and interpretations one infers from reading the piece of literature and the understanding that can be taken away from it; this is different for every individual who reads the written word.

Should he disregard his dreams, and get on with his life? The knight has clearly abused his male power. She connected with an old friend, and sold weed on the side.

Although these two stories are very different, they both use irony to teach a lesson. By using these things, Geoffrey utilizes several specific symbols to illustrate various central themes.

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The Pardoner tries to sell indulgences to the pilgrims after he told them he cheats them

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The Nun's Priest's Tale