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After a few minutes Jimmy Cross starts to think something went wrong, but then he can't help thinking about Martha. Does this only apply to certain things, or all things that one would remember? Author: Alfred Gobeil. Business Mission 4. He finds something unchristian about the lack of drama surrounding this type of death and wonders why he cannot openly lament it like Cross does. O'Brien's attention to sensory detail also supports this primary objective of evoking a real response in the reader. Was he thinking of just one person or all the people he knew that were dead? Why did Rat keep inserting his opinions into the story? He seems nervous but goes down without hesitating. Retrieved May 8, Bronze Star A U. In general, methodology of this research is to use the quantitative method and explain in more detail about setting questionnaire interview methods are also discussed in this chapter. What was the small and stupid thing that set the difference between courage and cowardice in the field situation?

One morning it is Lee Strunk 's turn to search a tunnel. What happened to Curt to make him faint in the sight of the dentist?

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Why was it so hard to accept the fact that he was dead? The Stars and Stripes A newsletter-style publication produced for servicemen by the U. She says she found it on the Jersey shoreline, right where the land separated from the water, and she thought it symbolized her feelings toward him.

Why is it difficult to distinguish what really happened from what seemed to have happened?

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Much harder, it seems, than it would have to be able to run from it. Why did nobody try to help Rat out?

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