What effects will the millennium bug have on society

What effects will the millennium bug have on society

The real threat of the Year problem lies not in the immediately obvious, but in the hidden impact on customer and supplier relationships, staff, corporate and management issues. In this vision, old boundaries marked in geographical locations are blurring and shifting, at times disappearing. Activities that were programmed on a daily or yearly basis would be damaged or flawed. It was feared that such a misreading would lead to software and hardware failures in computers used in such important areas as banking, utilities systems, government records, and so on, with the potential for widespread chaos on and following January 1, If I were to go back and look at some of the programs I wrote 30 years ago, I would have one terribly difficult time working my way through step-by-step. The US Government followed a three-part approach to the problem: 1 outreach and advocacy, 2 monitoring and assessment, and 3 contingency planning and regulation. Perrow, Charles. Over time the punched cards were converted to magnetic tape and then disc files, but the structure of the data usually changed very little. End-of-the-world scenarios and apocalyptic themes were common in their communication. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. Nothing happened. Windowing Two-digit years were retained, and programs determined the century value only when needed for particular functions, such as date comparisons and calculations. But the effect of the millennium bug on your own PC may be the least of your problems. This delays the eventual roll-over problem to the end of the year Some programs may have relied on the oversimplified rule that a year divisible by four is a leap year.

Most media coverage of Y2K centers on the issue of preparedness — inciting its readers to prepare themselves, listing the worst and best-prepared organizations, industries, nations.

The article focuses on a few countries in depth, which are not those that are necessarily the least prepared or the ones considered least-technologically sophisticated, but the ones whose connections with the rest of the industrialized world run deepest: Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Germany.

Organizations, Uncertainties, and Risk.

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Encoding our fears about technological failure leading to organizational and societal failure, Y2K discourses have promoted a rhetoric of risk and blame. If you rigorously scrutinise the Year issues using risk management techniques, your enterprise should be able to fully understand the impact that Year could have on your business and take the action necessary to ensure your business survival.

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A sociological examination of the discourses of the Y2K problem reveals that some of our anxieties at the end of the millennium stem from larger concerns about social integration in a rapidly changing world. Programmers writing the code for business applications were encouraged to conserve space whenever they could; one way was to use abbreviated date codes, with only two digits to indicate the year.

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Software produced by vendors who can't or won't offer you a reasonable solution should be replaced immediately. The Year problem will affect many aspects of all business enterprises, and to protect your business a Risk Management approach is necessary to identify, evaluate, plan, implement and manage your Year risks.

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Constructing The Millennium Bug