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I understand that differentiation is an ugly word to many of you. I like to assign each guided reading group a book shopping day or daysand students get new books as soon as they arrive at school on that specified day or days.

There are many, many possibilities for word work activities!

designing effective literacy centers for the first-grade classroom

This cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend preparing and teaching games. Are you unsure of how to best group your students?

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Independent Reading Center This center is all about reading, plain and simple! Of course, keep in mind that student groupings should be flexible as children will acquire skills or need more practice than others in their group. This book provides detailed descriptions of classroom management techniques for literacy centers. You could also use desktop computers, laptops, or tablets to have students listen to books online or in apps. Of course, feel free to change them for your purposes. Use these free templates to create graphic stories. Are you unsure of how to best group your students? But differentiation also includes using different kinds activities to meet different learning styles. Managing behaviors. Meaningful Centers Ideas Okay! This is a comprehensive presentation on research for the use of literacy centers in the classroom. Teachers tell me all the time that they use them for differentiating their centers.

In the independent reading center, students may jot down thoughts, reactions, and questions on sticky notes, half-sheets, or on interactive bookmarks pictured below.

You can still designate one location in the classroom where materials for that center will consistently be stored. Kids could either work independently on differentiated tasks or work together on the same task.

Some kids frequently got off task, and I think giving choices might have helped a bit. Many of the activities are accessible to all learners because students are reading and writing at their own levels. When students are finished cleaning up, they sit back down and point to the center where they will go next.

Think of the materials and the students' reading and writing levels. Here are some in-depth descriptions of the different centers: 1.

First grade center rotation ideas

Grouping Students for Literacy Centers After reviewing initial literacy assessments, you will need to group your students. Play twister with a memory. Modeling can happen any time of the year or any time a problem arises. But differentiation comes in lots of packages. Download the spring bundle from Mrs. There are many, many possibilities for word work activities! Partner Reading Drama, Music, or Art Literacy Play for kindergarten—optional, but recommended I suggest that you tell students which centers they will go to, and when.

Also, before you ever introduce a center, you should model it repeatedly in whole group or small group.

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Literacy Centers That Work